Everyone is talking about Big Data, yet nobody truly knows what it really is.

Our proactive marketing team working on Big Data as Netvent is working on algorithms appropriate to your company’s marketing strategy.

As Netvent, we have the experience that will allow you to develop an efficient marketing strategy based on big data. Data-based marketing, as McKinsey mentioned as ground breaking, carries a critical importance in understanding the client and establishing the right marketing strategy. The biggest problem is to realize the dream of ameliorating a strategy, based on big data. Owing to tested algorithms and analytics, at Netvent, we enhance approaches that use big data in favor of your company.

Through our big data marketing strategy, analysis of clients and potential clients can be done.

  • Transformation of structural and non-structural data into numerical results
  • Transformation of analysis obtained from big data to a data-based marketing strategy
  • Updating of your Inbound marketing strategy with periodic big data analysis
  • Analysation and resultation of periodic campaigns with specialized analytics
  • Updating your brand strategy with big data analysis

Technologically, Big Data becomes prominent with its multi-marketing feature. At Netvent,

considering substructure part of the subject, we focus on multi-marketing and procreate result-oriented formulas.

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