Hooray! The New King

Content marketing is the most significant factor to give you competitive advantage. As you add value to your customers, the possibility to sell will increase dramatically. Well managed content will help you to be remembered by your leads in the decision process.


Believe in Searching!

The content we create is created as search engine friendly. Generally, our content publishing strategy is coherently constituted with competitor analysis and search engine optimization (SEO).


Tell a Story!

Netvent aims to improve your brand story by targeting your buyer personas. Our competent team specializes to give the right sales messages for your specific buyer personas. Our team can also work with your technical team when needed to create shareable and quality content.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits from our value-added content strategy approach:

  • You will optimize your brand’s position in both search engines and social media.
  • You will have a long-term relationship with your buyer personas by increasing interaction with them.
  • You will catch your leads and close them into customers.
  • You will have a competitive advantage to your brand.
  • You will be a trusted advisor and authority in the eyes of your customers.
  • Our Inbound Marketing Experts will consult with you to be authority in your industry by creating shareable, valuable, and creative content. Each stage of our Inbound Marketing Strategy is supported by the content.

What Kind of Content Do We Create?

  • Content Strategy, Calendar, and Keyword Analysis
  • Blog Contents, Press Releases, Website Contents, and more
  • Campaign Contents: EBooks, Special Offers, and Guides
  • Email Contents
  • Case Studies
  • Brochure Contents

Big Picture and Content Marketing

Thanks to our specialists, who keep an eye out for the big picture, even when dealing with the details of content marketing, your brand strategy will be in harmony from head to toe.

So, why should you leave all this to our expert team at Netvent?

In content marketing operations, strategy and big picture are as important as creating the content. At Netvent, we generate your content strategy by paying attention to following details:

  • The frequency of content published
  • The planning for content types to publish
  • Keyword Density
  • The relationship between the title and the keywords, of specific content
  • Anchor Text Distribution and relationship
  • The use of sub-word phrases associated with the targeted keywords
  • Considering search engines while creating readable content for customers

Let’s Create Your Brand Story Together!

We are disposed to creating your brand story and a living content strategy with you. You should not leave Inbound Marketing up to chance. We are with you in this competition race.

Take advantage of the power of content!