As long as you can not turn the data into the a roadmap, there is no point to give! As you can not improve what you can not measure, you will not have a positive return of your measurement if you do not know how to use it. The digital visibility and digital marketing processes that are so critical that it is impossible to argue begin with a healthy measurement and interpretation.

As Netvent;

  • We analyze your brand’s content marketing, SEO, social media and digital reputation management efforts with our international partners and advanced tools.
  • We evaluate and analyze your website traffic and conversion rates.
  • We identify your compliance with inbound marketing dynamics and your missing points.
  • We have created the most meaningful actions for your brand and your industry.
  • We do not only convert the statistics, we compile into digital marketing recommendations to reach the goals you want.
  • We also include analysis of all your staged opponents.
  • We present your side by reporting all these information, suggestions and interpretations.

Inside in-depth SEO analysis;

  • We analyze your in-site SEO values ​​and reviews,
  • We evaluate your on-site SEO work and pointing actions,
  • We report our solutions, suggestions for on-site and off-site SEO performance,
  • We measure your competitors’ SEO performances and report them.

Inside in-depth Content Marketing analysis;

  • We evaluate your content in all the circles in terms of user experience,
  • Your brand examines the quality of your visual, video and text content within the site (blog, category structures and all sub-pages)
  • We evaluate the quality of your outsourcing content you should publish outside the site,
  • We report the actions of your riffles and makes comparisons,
  • We report on suggestions for improvement.

Inside in-depth Social Media Analysis;

  • Evaluate the management strategies of your social media accounts from a technical point of view,
  • Sharing examines the quality of your content,
  • Measure your interaction rates and the quality of the kits in your calculations,
  • We examine and compares the social media account management of your peers,
  • Makes an examination about social media conventions appropriate to the sector,
  • We offer optimization actions so that you can grow your accounts and get the feedback you want!

Inside in-depth Digital PR analysis;

  • Analyze your brand’s awareness in digital media,
  • We analyze brand perception and brand satisfaction by reviewing the content you have(or about you) in your digital.

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