Big Data Marketing

Interpreting and utilizing big data is the most significant ace up the sleeve for companies when defining their short, medium, and long-term strategies. Alongside numerous analytical tools used, we make data accessible for you with the knowledge and insights we have gained and continue to develop every day.


Although data-driven marketing is a new approach in our country, Netvent has the expertise to develop effective marketing strategies through big data. Referred to by McKinsey as a "game changer," data-driven marketing is critical for better understanding your customers and developing accurate marketing approaches. The biggest challenge lies in turning the strategy development from big data from a dream into reality. At Netvent, we develop approaches that can use big data to the benefit of your company, thanks to tested algorithms and analytics.

The healthy and result-oriented big data marketing process at Netvent consists of the following stages:


1- Goal Setting

A successful data-driven marketing campaign starts with setting the organization's goals. After determining the brand's specific objectives, such as sales, brand image, brand awareness, the technological aspect of the product, and enriching customer data, a marketing plan aligned with these goals is developed.


2- Data Collection

In line with the strategic marketing plan, for data collection, Netvent:

  • Leverages CRM data,
  • Effectively uses the most suitable solution from our partners in Turkey, including HubSpot, Oracle, and Act-On Marketing Automations,
  • Utilizes Heat Maps to analyze visitor behaviors,
  • Creates online forms that generate the highest return.

3- Data Analysis

At Netvent, we prioritize analysis throughout all processes and measure the effectiveness of all activities in real-time. Within this scope of analysis:

  • We convert structured and unstructured data into numerical results using accurate algorithms.
  • We transform analyses obtained from big data into a data-driven marketing strategy.
  • We update your inbound marketing strategy with periodic big data analyses.
  • We measure and report the success of your seasonal campaigns using specialized algorithms.
  • Through big data analyses, we update your brand strategy.

Big data stands out for its technological aspect as well as its multi-faceted marketing perspective. As Netvent, we focus from the infrastructure side to the multi-marketing aspect, producing result-oriented solutions for your company.

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