Combinations of Colors: What Colors Are Siblings?

  • 2 November 2018
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One of the keys that will help you revive your design is to pick the right color combination.

A breathtaking scenery, a romantic sunset or a dynamic scene full of colors. Have you tasted all of them? If the answer is no, I highly recommend you to get up and taste.

We prepared a list of beautiful color schemes which you can use with your projects, with the aim of accelerating the picking ideal color combination process.

Let’s take some inspiration from the nature, shall we?

  1. Blue Sunset

The messages you send with a mix of vibrant yellow, orange, a dark blue and a strong orange, will be sent in a clear, energetic and vibrant way to users.


  1. Classic and Retro

Generally this combination of dark colors include a dark blue and a dark red resembles a dark orange. This combination makes the message that is going to be sent in an ideal way for a simplified look.


  1. Shiny Blues and Greens

Here is a mix of soft yellow, faded orange and strong and vivid blues, this typical blues and browns are ideal for a more exciting and dinamic design.


  1. Sunset Over A Marsh

This mix, a soft yellow, a shiny orange and a blue mixed with red, makes up a colorful combination suitable for softly emotional, young themes.


  1. Mediterranean Blues

This amazing mix of faded dark blue and a greyish blue remind of emotions about this magical and mystical Mediterranean atmosphere. It is ideal for designs of travel and nature.


  1. Exotic Orchid

Here is a serial of blues competed with dark blue and vivid orange. It is great for a colorful and vivid design.


  1. Sophisticated and Calm

This color combination is more effective fot calm users. It is so multiple that it can be used in various design projects that have a sophisticated and luxury look.


  1. Lilac and Yellow

Lilac that is mixed with vivid yellow and olive colors becomes a refresher and out-common pallet.


  1. Blue Mountain Hills and Clouds

This blues range that is mixed with dark yellow and soft greyish pink, makes the product a great multiple color schema for professional and conservative designs.


  1. Orange Sunset

A violet that has dark pink and dark saturity, mixes with soft red and soft orange and creates a vivid and colorful pallet that can be used for different designs to transmit energy and heatness.


  1. Vintage 50’s

A combination of blue and orange on which the saturity is decreased on the top and the bottom, for a classic Retro look that takes us to some nostalgia: A strong blue and a soft yellow.


  1. Vivid and Retro

You can turn this original mixture of red, pink and vivid orange into a multiple and eyeful pallet that can be used in different ways, by implementing it to a design with the first three colors or alternatively three undertints.


  1. Ornament Red and Yellow

This pallet includes very dark reds and oranges. Pick one of these colors and give your design a bravery look.


  1. Turquoise and Red

This colorful look of this ripe fruit leads to this unique combination of blues, duck egg blue and red. If you decide to mix and match two or three colors every time, you can create pallets from more cheerful ones to energetic ones.


  1. Blue Daily Dew

This photo of a carnivore animal brings along an effective blues completed with dark red and brown.


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