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Digital Analysis and Reporting

In the digital world where only the data you can measure can be interpreted & managed, we are ready to be your greatest support with comprehensive analysis and reporting, making large data stacks meaningful for you.




As Netvent, we;

  • We analyze your brand's content marketing, SEO, social media, and digital reputation management efforts using our international partners' measurement tools.
  • We evaluate your website's traffic and conversion rates by analyzing them.
  • We identify your compatibility with inbound marketing dynamics and pinpoint errors.
  • We interpret the data we create in the most meaningful language for your brand and industry.
  • We transform the statistics we compile into digital marketing recommendations to help you achieve your desired targets.
  • We include an analysis of your competitors in all phases.
  • We compile all this information, recommendations, and interpretations into a report and present it to you.

Without turning data into knowledge, and knowledge into a roadmap, the data you acquire is of no importance! Just as you cannot improve what you cannot measure, there will be no positive return from measuring data you do not know how to use. Digital visibility and digital marketing processes, which are critically important, start with healthy measurement and interpretation.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Reporting Includes;

  • Analyze and interpret your on-site SEO metrics,
  • Evaluate and comment on your off-site SEO activities,
  • Compile our solution recommendations for both on-site and off-site SEO efforts,
  • Conduct a fundamental keyword study,
  • Measure and report on your competitors' SEO performance.


Content Marketing Reporting Includes;

  • Evaluate the user experience of your content across all platforms,
  • Assess the quality of visual, video, and text content (blog, category structures, and all subpages) on your website,
  • Evaluate the quality of external content you created outside the site,
  • Monitor and compare the actions of your competitors,
  • Report improvement recommendations.


Social Media Reporting Includes;

  • Technically evaluate the management strategies of your social media accounts,
  • Examine the quality of your shared content,
  • Measure your engagement rates and the quality of your audience on the accounts,
  • Analyze and compare the social media account management of your competitors,
  • Conduct an analysis of social media platforms suitable for your industry,
  • Provide improvement recommendations to grow your accounts and achieve the desired returns.


Reputation Management Reporting Includes;

  • Analyze the digital presence and recognition of your brand,
  • Examine the content about your brand online to analyze brand perception and satisfaction.

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