Digital PR

With Digital PR, you strengthen your brand's mass communication, manage crises and increase your sphere of influence.

Digital PR involves conducting public relations work for a brand through internet tools like social media, search engines, blogs, forums, influencer marketing campaigns, social responsibility projects, and news websites, as part of online reputation management activities.

In addition to communication established with the target audience, we create numerous digital PR projects tailored to your brand's needs, such as distributing press releases prepared according to search engine optimization principles, ensuring that press releases published through social media and different advertising platforms reach more people to generate discussion about the brand, and creating personal/corporate viral campaigns.

As part of our Digital PR services, we offer the following for your brand:

  • Introduction of a new product launched in the market
  • Creation of social responsibility projects
  • Solution suggestions for crises your brand faces
  • News bulletin service
  • Influencer marketing campaigns

Let's Create Your Brand Story Together!

Together with Netvent's expertise, let's manage your brand's online presence and write its story together!


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