SEO; As a discipline for our specialists; Your brand, your business, your company, your startup, your channel will get more traffic, your phone will play more, your conversion rates will increase, and your sales will increase.

In its simplest terms, it is to take your shop on the back streets to the busiest street.

Our SEO Experts are constantly monitoring your site and competitors by using over 50 SEO tools from the beginning of their work. Our partnerships with authoritative tools such as Moz, Majestic, Searchmetrics, Hubspot, Link Research Tools, DeepCrawl and our solution partnership are carried out with a rigorous working system.

We are conducting our SEO operations with a fully analytical approach.

At the beginning of the work we analyze your industry and your goals. We are applying purely organic SEO strategies targeting not only a few words in the direction of your goals but also traffic in all words related to your sector. We maintain our work by checking your site on more than 1000 sites that our SEO Team has prepared in accordance with current algorithm updates.


Search Engines, Visitors Should Like Your Website: Technical SEO Enhancements – In-Site SEO

Search engines constantly work to provide people with the best search experience. At the heart of the search experience is to include in the search results the order in which the website presents the right content about the subject they are looking for. This is followed by directing the user to a website that is fast, reliable, and conforms to web standards. While all of the technical enhancements we have made at this point seem to be improvements to SEO, they are the work done to navigate our content first, then to show them to search engines most efficiently.

We review the infrastructure used by your website, SEO fictions, and completely report the in-site SEO fiction at the beginning of our work and communicate with you with what needs to be done. In this context, along with our software developers, content writers, user experience experts, design team, and inbound marketing experts, your website is reviewed and feedback is presented from all angles, and your progress areas are communicated with your development areas to improve your SEO Visibility.

To summarize the work done in more technical sense; With our Crawl software known as search engine simulation, we scan all the sub-pages of your site as the search engines do, and understand with a detailed software test, not the prediction of the correct implementation of hundreds of SEO standards. With Crawl analysis, however, we analyze whether sub-page content is accessed by search engines. Our crawl analyzes follow the process of reorganization and development according to the appropriate Schema, Microdata and RDF formats of the existing HTML subdirectory. Applying Schema structures will enable search engines to have more information about your site content.

You Must Reach the Right Target Group: Keyword Analysis –Ā Site Architecture

We analyze thousands of keywords, not 3 or 5, with our analytics approaches and solution partners in the direction of your goals and analyzes. We perform keyword analysis about your industry. We do not work on few keywords, we report all keywords related to your industry, monthly search volumes, periodic trends and competition rates.

Search engines follow the process of clicking on the search results in order to measure the quality of their search results. If the user clicks on the “back” button after entering the site after clicking on the search results, the user has not reached the desired result. In this case, your SEO Visibility is negatively affected. By adding keyword ideas to our keyword study, we provide a content strategy that will enable you to get traffic from many words in your domain.

After our keyword analysis, we are drawing a big picture by creating a site architecture for each category, page, content of your site!

People, Websites ShouldĀ Tell You: Off-Site SEO

How are the statisticsĀ your brand spoken to digital channels? What do people tell you when you tell your brand? If we are talking about friends in the real world and what we like, in the internet world, people express their likes by sharing the links of their favorite sites.
We are working with more than 3000 publishers in the World in our off-site SEO activities. From the beginning to the end of the work, we provide you with sectoral blogs and tell your brand about your website. Once you increase your performance and make your content reach a certain quality line, we are conducting organic link acquisition efforts. Our work is carried out in line with the latest SEO techniques.

So; First, people should notice your brand; Then let them speak.

SEO Trainings

We believe that communication is a very important place in all our work. We do not keep all of our manifestations to ourselves, we know that the knowledge will multiply as we share! In-site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Keyword analysis and more, we convey our knowledge to you with the most up-to-date techniques!

For Our Clients: After the start of your SEO work, we regularly plan your SEO Trainings with your relevant staff / departments according to your needs and we are conducting a sustainable and transparent work. In line with search engine updates, we share updated SEO techniques with you.

For your training programs, our SEO team loves to tell you, share your experiences, give you up to date tactics, and make presentations!

Analytic Reporting

We offer monthly, quarterly and annual reports as an analytical agency focused on data and results! Every month on a regular basis;

  • In-site SEO analysis and actions to be taken in the direction of current developments
  • Traffic channels and analysis
  • Development of current SEO Visibility
  • Conversion rates development
  • Detailed and personalized graphics by industry
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • We analyze trends and do up-to-date market research.

If you would like to get more information about our SEO services, you just need to fill out the form!