5 Successful QR Code Campaigns

Although it is thought that QR codes are not useful anymore, I think the vice versa. They are even going to be much more popular. Internet environment wasn’t ready when this technology first came out. With new technologies coming soon, QR code will increase in value again.

At the present time, websites gain almost %80 of their traffics from mobile devices. For me, it is not possible for QR codes, such a quick and easy to use technology, not to be used in this area. Most particulary there is a technology such as Blockchain waiting for us in the future, it is not possible to say that the era of QR codes was in the past. Thus, I’d like to show you some QR codes campaigns to emphasize that we’ll be taking more advantages of this technology.


  • Chili’s Cancer Donation Campaign

Chilli, popular American restaurant chain, collected 5 million dollars for the kids fighting with cancer with a QR code campaign they had in 2011. The ones willingly to help could donate by scanning the Qr code. Moreover, the ones shared this campaign through e-mails with their families and friends were given snack gifts.

During the campaign, QR code was scanned for 291,000 times.




  • Heinz’s Eco-Friendly Package Campaign



With their eco-friendly package campain, Heinz put stickers with Qr codes on ketchup bottles produced to be served in the restaurants of America. The ones scanned the QR code were directed to a competition, where they were asked questions about maintainability, through their mobile devices.

Heinz announced that 1 million QR codes were scanned during this campaign.




  • Great Singapore Campaign of Vivocity


Vivocity, the biggest shopping centre of Singapor, organized a campaign in 2013 in order to increase their page likes on Facebook. Customers scanning the QR codes on the mascots called Vivocity Codey, joined competitions where they could win prizes. The mission of the mascots was to encourage customers to join the competitions. Of course, they had to like the Facebook page in order to deserve the prize.


In this campaign, QR codes were scanned dor 8618 times and their Facebook page gained 4400 new followers.



  • Emart Sunny Sale Campaign


With a QR code they organized in 2012, Korean retailer Emart aimed to increase their sales which was low during afternoon hours. After they realized that their sales were low during 12.00 – 13.00, they planned a campaign called ‘’Sunny Sale’’. With QR codes they put in different locations were scannable only at 12 – 1. QR codes served various offers and discounts.


With the campaign, sales done at afternoon hours increased %25, the number of visitors visiting the shop increased %58.


  • Turkish Airlines – London Olympics Campaign



With a campaign they organized in 2012 during the London Olympics, Turkish Airlines put QR codes in bus stops in differen locations of the city. The ones scanned the code could win free tickets to the directions specified in the campaign.

During the campaign, 20.000 people visited the website of Turkish Airlines.


Mobile devices now have most of the internet traffic and mobile application era is coming like blue murder. I believe that in the upcoming years, these technologies will gather around Blockchain technology, and my hope for QR codes will remain for years.




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