Tips to Rank Higher in Tripadvisor’s Popularity Rankings

You can highlight your business on Tripadvisor, one of the considerable marketing platforms of the digital world, and increase your locally brand awareness. Let’s get to know Tripadvisor first.

Tripadvisor is a website that considered as one of the biggest travel websites and arrays locally visitable places, restaurants and hotels according to quality satisfaction ratio. We can say that it is the most authoritative one among the travel websites. Thus, your satisfaction point on Tripadvisor is crucial. On the other hand, there is a tough rivalry cause many businesses use this platform. And this is where popularity rankings step in. The higher you rank, the better you are seen by customers, than the other businesses.



How Does the Popularity Ranking Work on Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor has a very sensitive algorithm. Comments and points coming to your profile must be organic. So, yes it is so important in the ranking the comments and points that your business receive.

In this platform, which has an algorithm based on showing the seasonal most popular ones before others, the intensity of comments and the average of points determine your ranking.



When looking at the number of comments, it might be seen very difficult for the new businesses to rank higher than the previous ones, not the total comment number but the total seasonal comment number matters in popularity ranking. Thus, the comments your rivals get only means that it is popular among visitors, but there is no such a criterion in Tripadvisor’s algorithm.

An another metric coming after the comments’ number is the quality of comments. The most important factor used as base on Tripadvisor is the travellers’ comments. The more a traveller has comments, the more quality his/her comments are accepted as. In terms of their sensitivity about experiences and comments, users with more comments affect rankings more.

In order to be seasonally popular, it is necessary to stay always updated. Update your profile views regularly, answer users’ comments. Show them that you care about their problems. Most businesses don’t care about the comments including complaints and run away from answering them. But to answer those comments shows that you care about people’s ideas and you use all the opportunities to develope your business. These criterions shows your location from the eyes of your customers and prove that you try for development to Tripadvisor.


Care About Tripadvisor Datas


Many businesses want to benefit from the advantages Tripadvisor serves, as the most visited website in the world. For this reason, there is a rivalry in popularity rankings. You can follow your business’ stats from ‘the Performance Pannel’ in the ‘My Business’ column, and you can compare them with your rivals’.

Following your stats, you can find out what your business needs and take necessary actions.


Develope Your Business in Both Online and Offline World


As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, Tripadvisor cares about the naturality of comments so much. Because, they want users to reflect what they are served to the website. At the end of the day, the purpose is to reveal the real quality of businesses. So it is not enough to develope your business in only online world

You can keep your profile updated, get so many comments but if those comments are of poor quality and negative comments, it means that you are going to go down in the rankings again.

Get your customers leave happy by developing your business in real life. After that, make sure that your profile on Tripadvisor is up to date and start rising up in the popularity rankings with your customers’ nice comments.


It might seem easy but nothing is going to be done by themselves. Sometimes you need to make little touches. Start with taking advantage of opportunities Tripadvisor serves you, in order to increase your comments. Review Express could be useful for you in the beginning. On the other hand you can add Tripadvisor integrations to your website, order for stickers Tripadvisor serves for businesses and put them in visible places in order to convince customers to make comments.

See you in the higher rankings! 😊


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